Our business consultants

At Infinity Loop Consulting, all of our consultants are experienced entrepreneurs & leaders. We have all built or managed businesses, so we know what you go through and what it takes to succeed. We’ve suffered the pain of late nights sorting out the tax paperwork, dealt with refereeing squabbling team members and know the value of going that extra mile to keep a customer happy.

Our experienced team includes MBA graduates from some of the world’s top business schools, former military personnel, and Senior Managers from world-leading brands. We are united by a common view – that the creation of value is our mission and that if our clients don’t see our value, then we haven’t done our job.

Our business consultancy projects

Our team of highly experienced business consultants has a track record of successful projects all around the globe. In the past, we have created a new business model for clean water provision in Uganda, devised process improvements for an exotic animal breeder in the US and developed a global channel sales model for an FMCG product.

All of our projects are delivered with a view to creating sustainable business models that utilise the resources and skills of clients’ organisations to best effect. This produces tangible value for our clients, meaning when we leave a project, they can see exactly what they have paid for in their bottom line.

Why you need us

When you work with us, we promise you concrete results, rather than a lot of corporate waffle that might sound good, but doesn’t do anything to really strengthen your business. In fact, we are so confident of our methods and the results they generate that we will share the risk with you.

Our approach is based around helping our clients to minimise risk while maximising value. This means delivering results, not just recommendations. So, where we deliver the change as part of an engagement, we will waive our fees if it doesn’t achieve the agreed outcomes.

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