At Infinity Loop, we work with a wide range of businesses, helping them identify where they can improve in developing concrete actions to advance and further their business operations. We can assist with broad-ranging changes, or advise on making improvements in a highly focused way, with the emphasis on one or two key areas.

Below are some examples of companies we have helped over the years, providing evidence of the power of our methods, the results we are able to achieve and the sort of positive response we get from our clients after they engage with our business consultants.

Generation Success

Generation Success is an organisation dedicated to helping young professionals from less privileged backgrounds to get ahead in law, business, banking and marketing. They run regular networking and speaking events, skills workshops and mentoring programs to help people from diverse backgrounds break into industries that are typically seen as the preserve of those from a relatively narrow, privileged background.

Saver Telecoms

Saver Telecoms is a forward-thinking, UK-based telecoms company. The services they offer include broadband, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and other telecoms solutions for both residential and business customers.

Unwharrie Reptiles and Exotics

Unwharrie Reptiles and Exotics is a breeder and seller of exotic animals and also sells exotic animal supplies.