At Infinity Loop, we work with a wide range of businesses, helping them identify where they can improve in developing concrete actions to advance and further their business operations. We can assist with broad-ranging changes, or advise on making improvements in a highly focused way, with the emphasis on one or two key areas.

Below is an example of just one of the companies we have helped over the years, providing evidence of the power of our methods, the results we are able to achieve and the sort of positive response we get from our clients after they engage with our business consultants.

Type of business

Generation Success is an organisation dedicated to helping young professionals from less privileged backgrounds to get ahead in law, business, banking and marketing. They run regular networking and speaking events, skills workshops and mentoring programs to help people from diverse backgrounds break into industries that are typically seen as the preserve of those from a relatively narrow, privileged background.

Why they asked us for help

The brief we received from Generation Success was relatively open, giving us a great deal of scope to find innovative solutions to help them improve their organisation. Founder and Managing Director of Generation Success, James Adeleke, simply asked us: ​“How can I make things better?”​ Fortunately, that is our speciality here at Infinity Loop.

James identified several specific areas where he felt Generation Success needed assistance. These included a number of issues and over-dependencies within the organisation which had occurred as a result of organic growth and a high turnover of volunteers. These were issues we were confident we could find solutions for, proving real, measurable value for James and his team.

How we helped them to achieve success

We started off by taking the time to understand what Generation Success were trying to achieve as a charity. This involved quantifying processes and resources and, crucially, taking account of the fact that their organisation is entirely volunteer run. This meant that traditional methods of change management were unlikely to be effective.

We initially worked with Generation Success over a six month period, engaging with James and the organisation’s volunteers to create a focus for each program. This included changing their volunteer engagement model and operating model to a far more collaborative and flat leadership model than had previously been in place.

We helped the organisation’s volunteers, who are from a wide range of backgrounds, with very different skills, to align themselves to specific projects, essentially creating self-managing project teams. We worked to develop the skills of project leaders, expanding their understanding of the resource requirements for project/programme delivery and helped to improve communication throughout Generation Success via the adoption of new tools.
This allowed Generation Success to make better use of the resources already contained in their team, while also helping individuals to grow and develop. This therefore meant measurable success both for the charity as a whole and for the individual volunteers working for the organisation.

What they said about Infinity Loop

“Nearly a year later, and I am delighted to say that the changes in the organisation implemented, and managed by Steven have continued to serve the organisation well. I still meet with Steven on a regular basis to discuss our organisational strategy, and although he’s not a charity professional, he has a keen understanding of our strengths & weaknesses, and has helped us formulate a strategy to continue delivering the events we do. I believe Steven will add real value as a consultant to any organisation, and wish him all the best in the future.”

James Adeleke, Founder and Managing Director of Generation Success.

Flat Leadership Explained

Flat leadership is business term for a leadership structure within an organisation that requires little or no middle-management. This means that staff deal directly with executives, which has a number of benefits, both for individual team members and the organisation as a whole.

A flat leadership structure relies on workers who are well-trained, so they can be left to work with a high degree of autonomy. Workers can also engage directly with those at the top level of the organisation, making them feel like they have more of a stake in how the organisation operates.

Flat organisations encourage workers to feel more valuable and, by simplifying the decision-making process, they allow new ideas to be tried out faster and more flexibly. This, in turn, makes employees feel like they have more ownership over their job role, keeping them more engaged, while allowing organisations to make changes, adapt and grow faster.

Flat organisational structures are not necessarily appropriate for all enterprises. However, for those that they are suitable for, they have a number of benefits including helping to streamline organisations, which can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Why you need a business consultant

Whether you are running a profit-making business, a charity or any other kind of organisation, a business consultant can help you see where there is room for improvement. We are trained to spot problems and recommend changes that are rarely obvious to someone inside an organisation. We act as a fresh pair of eyes, helping you see the issues that are so ingrained in your culture and operating practices that you don’t even notice them.

Or, where you know what the problem is, we can use our extensive experience to suggest tried and tested strategies, or innovative new ideas that can help you achieve real change. Infinity Loop’s expert business consultants are all successful entrepreneurs and senior managers in their own right, meaning we know what really works. We don’t just spout a bunch of business theory that you can read in a textbook or hear in a seminar. We offer the chance for real, measurable improvements to the value of your organisation, meaning that you won’t ever be left wondering what you got for your money.

Get helping transforming your business for success

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