At Infinity Loop, we work with a whole variety of business in different sectors and with different ways of working. We help our clients to identify where they can improve, either focusing on specific areas where they want to develop, or looking at their organisation as a whole. We then recommend practical actions they can take to achieve the required improvements.

Below is an example of just one of the companies we have helped recently, which demonstrates the power of our methods, the sort of results we are able to achieve and the level of positive response we get from our clients after they work with one of our expert business consultants.

Type of business

Saver Telecoms is a forward-thinking, UK-based telecoms company. The services they offer include broadband, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and other telecoms solutions for both residential and business customers.

How we helped them to achieve success

Saver Telecoms asked us to help them develop a new sales operating model in 2012. We worked closely with the team at Saver Telecoms to create a robust sales strategy designed to help them meet and exceed their ambitious sales goals. By implementing the strategy we helped them to produce, Saver Telecoms saw successful growth of the company.

We also assisted the company with the operational implementation of their CRM and digital marketing solutions. This included giving their staff high-quality training in how to use the new systems and procedures being introduced effectively and ensuring that meaningful, goals-focused reports could be produced, enabling the leadership team to monitor activity.

What they said about Infinity Loop

I have known Steven personally, & professionally for many years, and have engaged him on numerous occasions to assist me and my fellow directors. Steven has been instrumental in our growth, through his keen understanding of our market, and his approach to focus on how our business can be better aligned to meeting the needs of our customers, whether that be through process improvement, technology, or staff training. It is without hesitation I recommend him to others. His inquisitive mind, and focus on aligning our business to our customer requirements has made him a superb asset, and a great consultant to work with.”

Keith Major, Director at Saver Telecom.

The importance of aligning your business to the needs of your customers

One of the biggest mistakes any business can make is to not sufficiently understand its customers. This can be a problem for new start-ups, who think customers want one thing from them, only for it to turn out that customers are actually looking for something subtle or totally different. It can also be a problem for well-established businesses, where customer’s needs have changed over time, new competitors have arisen who are better serving their existing customers’ needs, or where changes within an organisation have caused them to drift away from their core customer base.

One of the problems with making sure your business is optimally aligned with your customers is that they will rarely come out unprompted and tell you want they want. Instead, this is something you are going to have to work at ad figure out for yourself. There are various ways of doing this, from directly surveying customers, researching what more successful competitors are doing and simply speaking to customer-facing members of staff, who are likely to have a good perspective on the issue.

It’s also important not to ignore the basics, like which of your products and services actually sell. Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on what they think customers ought to want, rather than what they actually are willing to spend money on.

The flipside of this is that sometimes you need to educate your target market about what they need, especially if you are launching something new that they might not necessarily be aware of. This is especially true for many modern businesses, who are offering disruptive technology and services, such as Uber and Deliveroo.

Ultimately, there is only so much you can do to nudge customers in the right direction. If you want your business to be a success, you have to give people what they want.

Why you need a business consultant

Far too many business get stuck in the same old way of doing things, with both employees and executives becoming too used to the way things are to see many of the problems that are holding the company back. It is also easy to fall into a pattern whereby everyone sees things in the same way, especially as there is a tendency among many organisations to hire people who fit with the way you already do things.

A good business consultant offers a fresh perspective and an outsider mind-set. They will be able to look at your business objectively and see the things that are only obvious to an outsider. They will also know the common issues that hold businesses back, so will be able to quickly identify where you are falling into familiar traps. A business consultant will be able to bring fresh ideas, based on their expertise and experience – ideas that people within your organisation are unlikely to think of. They will also bring something really vital – an injection of fresh energy, which can be highly infectious!

Infinity Loop’s expert business consultants are all successful entrepreneurs and top-level executives in their own right. We’ve “been there and got the tshirt”, meaning our expertise is based on what works in the real world, not just some dry business theory that we learned out of a book. Our methods produce real, measurable results that will grow the value of your business. We never want to walk away from a client and leave them questioning what they got for their money.

Get helping transforming your business for success

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