effective data management

5 Key Principles of Effective Data Management

We all know that data is a valuable part of modern businesses, whether you’re a large multinational company or a small family-run set up. It inspires almost everything we use, from phones to televisions to city infrastructure. Companies like Amazon and Netflix utilise data to make recommendations based on what users have watched or bought before, and…

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business process engineering

Business Process Engineering – The Latest Developments

  The best businesses are always looking for ways to improve, whether that’s developing flawless communication between employees or providing the kind of customer service that keeps people coming back. Our experience has taught us that businesses that create efficient and cost-effective processes can increase their business performance dramatically – but we also know that…

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business technology procurement

The Value Of A Procurement Professional – What They Can Bring To Your Business

How do you react when you hear the word ‘procurement’? Most people balk, sigh, groan or slump in their chair – however, there are a few key people (who we couldn’t manage without) that, fortunately, get really excited about it. And actually, with the increasing amount of technology available to every industry now, procurement is…

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